Below is a  list of questions we get asked quite often. If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Toll Free 800-786-3380. Email:

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1. Are Endeavour Storage Containers available for purchase?

All Endeavour Storage Containers are available for either rent or purchase.

2. How are rental rates calculated?

Endeavour rental rates depend on the amount of time the customer will have the container. Short term, one to five (1-5 ) months, six to eleven (6-11) months or long term (1 year or longer) rates are available. Endeavour Storage also uses a full 30.4 day average monthly billing cycle . Most competitors use a 28-day billing cycle which equals an extra billing cycle every 12 months.

3. How quickly will I receive my container?

Normally, Endeavour Storage Containers are delivered within 2-4 days after an order is received.

4. How do I take delivery of an Endeavour Storage Container?

Our delivery trucks will back into the delivery location, raise the front of the unit so it will slide to the rear of the truck and off onto the ground. The driver must pull completely out from under the unit before he can turn away from it. While on our delivery trucks, Endeavour Containers are up to 13'6" in height.

5. Will Endeavour relocate a container?

Endeavour Storage will gladly relocate storage containers at the same site or from one site to another. However, any items remaining in the container must be on the floor and properly secured to prevent damage to the stored items and to our container. The weight of the stored items must not exceed 2000 lbs. We will not relocate a container containing liquids or hazardous materials. Prior to moving a container, our driver must inspect the contents and will move the container at his sole discretion.

6. Are Endeavour Premium Xtra-Wide Storage Containers secure?

Endeavour Premium Xtra-Wide Storage Containers are equipped with our original SENTRY ® 3-Point Integral Locking System.  The lock receiver, located inside the lock compartment in the active door accepts either a conventional padlock or a discus lock.

7. Are Endeavour Business Class Storage Containers secure?

Endeavour Business Class Containers come standard with the SENTRY ® 5-Point Integral Locking System.  With this system, two separate lock locations are available. A lock receiver, located inside a compartment in the active door, accepts a conventional padlock, a discus lock. In a second, built-in pocket on the front of the active door, a patented hidden shackle lock may be used. This 5-Point locking system provides solid steel interior locking bars at the top, side, and bottom of the inside of the active door.  Sliding, solid steel L-bolts secure the top and bottom of the other door.

8. Can shelving be used with the containers?

All Endeavour Premium Xtra-Wide Storage Containers are equipped with shelf support receivers installed on the interior walls.  The receivers are either 1' pipe half-couplings or 1" pipe slip-hubs.  1" pipe shelf supports and shelving is provided by the customer. Heavy-duty custom tailored shelving systems are also available.

9. Can I buy locks at Endeavour Storage?

Endeavour Storage sells conventional padlocks and our patented SENTRY ® hidden shackle lock.

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