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Serving the Bay Area for over 20 Years

Our products are reliable, and easily affordable because we care about our customers and their satisfaction! We offer not only residential options for rent but also commercial and industrial units. You can receive a promptly delivered container so you are able to enjoy utilizing a secure storage unit soon.

We offer many helpful storage products, including:

  • Premium XtraWide : Our Premium XtraWide storage units are 8’6” in width and are available in five different dimensions, all the way up to our 28’ unit with 238 sq. ft. The three smaller units (12’ with 102 sq. ft., 17’ with 145 sq. ft., and our 21’ unit with 179 sq. ft.) come with double doors on one end, and the two larger units (the 23’ with 196 sq. ft. & our 28’ with 238 sq. ft.) come with double doors opening on both ends for the most convenience possible.
  • Custom 10′ Wide : Our Custom 10′ Wide series is available with a floor layout of 10′ wide by 27′ in length,
  • providing 270 sq. ft. in floor space. It also has double door openings on both ends for easy access. This exclusive unit comes with 2,430 cubic feet of storage space.
  • Business Class : Our Business Class series is available with units from 40’, with 320 sq. ft., to 45’, with 360 sq. ft., with 8′ or 9′ interior height. These great options can be delivered to your business for commercial or industrial storage.
  • Portable Office Units : We offer both our 20’ Office Unit with 160 sf of floor space and our 24’ Office/Storage combination with approximately 98sf of office space and 98 sf of storage space. Both models provide convenient ground level access.
  • Locking Systems : Our locking system is called a SENTRY 3-Point Internal Locking System, which basically conceals the lock itself in a pocket inside the door. Located about waist-high, it provides a high level of security while not making it too difficult to unlock and open once you want to use it.

All Endeavour containers and portable office units are transported on our own trucks. This gives us complete control of all unit deliveries and unit returns. Out units are delivered and picked up based on your schedule. Endeavour rental rates are for a full 30.4 day average billing month versus a 28-day billing cycle used by most competitors. Call us today at 800 786-3380. We bring the storage and office containers to you, providing the ease and convenience of having your unit delivered right to your workplace.

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Why Endeavour Storage Solutions?

  • Low rates
  • Prompt delivery
  • No site preparation
  • We manufacturer and distribute steel storage & office containers

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